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Exciting Activities

  Meeting the Masters

Distinguished scholars and specialists in various fields of study are regularly invited to give Master Classes.

Students are exposed to the latest scientific knowledge to keep abreast of the times.

master1 master2
Lecture of Reading & Self-Exploration Concert of Poetry Appreciation
master3 master4
Speech of Vision and Communication Lecture of Passion in Life

Music Festival

Orchestra performances in school are held by courtesy of students from the Music Department, Nation Sun Yat-sen University.


Civil Education

To arouse students’gratitude for what they’ve been given and to strengthen the bond between teachers and students,we organize various activities including Teachers’Day activities, university visits, camping , appreciation parties for teachers and students, graduation ceremony, and well-wishing ceremonies for all exam entrants.


Science Carnival

Teachers design science-related check-point activities, selecting and training outstanding students as commentators. Students are thus able to acquire the knowledgeof scientific principles, experience the practically of science,foster scientific creativity and leadership for their later lives while having enjoyable, hands-on activities.


Leadership Camp

Leadership camp aims to help students understand their own personalities, show their self-confidence, exert their influences, and become a dignified individual with team spirit, communication and coordination skills.


Voluntary Service

We promote community service and encourage teachers and students to care for their community and extend their love to all regions.


Multiple Achievements

  • Language Competition
  • Art Competition
  • Science Competition
  • Sports Competition


Training of Civic Education
Activity of Pray for Exams
Activity of Science Carnival
Camp of Leadership Developing
Achievements1 Achievements2
Activity of Christmas Celebration Birthday Celebration for Poetry Master Dr. Yu